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To participate Tabularasa Transnational Art platform;

The artists who will make their applications between July / 2020 and July / 2021 will directly become members of the platform for 2 years without any charge.

The artists will record themselves a 60-second video in front of a white canvas or a white wall, that explain their perspective of art and Tabularasa platform. Biography, 10 images of the art pieces and the video will be sent to address via Wetransfer download link will be pasted to the related box on the application form.




Tabularasa Transnational Art Activities;

• Artists will be active opinion procreaters and offer project at the same time.
• Everyone can be the follower of Tabularasa Transnational Art.
• Participating artists will be categorized according to art disciplines and members have their own spaces on their names at
•All the art actors in the consultative comitee are the members of Tabularasa Transnational Art and have equal conditions with everyone on the platform.
• The artist lists will be published in a publicly accessible format in social channels.
•The artist will use the hastags and mentions ( #tabularasatransnationalart / in all posts during the exhibition. Tabularasa Transnational Art will not be shared the works of the artists who do not comply with this rule. The artist who does not comply with three warnings in this regard will be removed from membership.
•Tabularasa Transnational Art will organize a 15-day (with min / max 8 – 10 works) personal digital exhibition (Compact Exhibition) for the selected artist as a promotion to support sales. The artists will be requested by the consultative comitee or artists

will request for themselves.
• The artist will be actively supported with various events (live videos, workshops, press releases) during the personal

digital exhibition (Compact Exhibition).
• Tabularasa Transnational Art will participate international fairs and organize group exhibitions with its artists and make open calls.
• Tabularasa Transnational Art will have the right to sell the works for 6 months that will be on personal digital exhibitions

(Compact Exhibition), fairs, exhibitions and artistic projects to be showcased on international platforms.
•Tabularasa Transnational Art have the right to determine the sale period of the works offered by the artists.
•The artist will give one of her works in Tabularasa Transnational Art free of charge in case if there is no sale in Compact Personal exhibition, fairs, exhibitions and artistic projects to be showcase in international platforms for 6 months.
• All copyrights belong to the artist until the work is sold.
• The artist will pay 15% comission to Tabularasa Transnational Art at the sale price for each work sold.

• The sold work will be safely packaged and/or chested by the artist. After packaging, our authorized company will determine the international shipping, customs clearance and insurance price according to the technical information of the work, for trouble a free delivery. The door-to-door shipping, customs and insurance fee to be added above the sale price, belongs to the buyer.
•The buyer will make the payment to Tabularasa Transnational Art within 15 days after the work

is delivered to by the shipping company.
•Tabularasa Transnational Art will pay the artist through the bank after deducting the commission fee and expenses.

Bank transfer costs and taxes belong to the buyer and the artist.
•The artist will issue and send an invoice and / or receipt to the Tabularasa Transnational Art Commercial Enterprise as

much as the amount paid to the artist.
•If the buyer requests a refund for realistic reasons such as the damaged work or not being made with the specified materials, dimensions and techniques, the return shipping fee belongs to the artist. Within 7 days of receiving the returned work, the artist will refund the full amount of the work to Tabularasa Transnational Art.
• The income that obtained through the sales of works will be evaluated alternately in expenses such as the development of Tabularasa Transnational Art on international platforms, support of artists, promotion, etc.

Tabularasa Transnational Art is a non-profit art platform.

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