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Today, the works that cannot be carried out with a professional structuring, unfortunately, make it difficult for the artists to concentrate ontheir art and affect their self-expression period negatively. To eliminate this misfortune, working with a professional team and develop a professional vision is an important point that the artists should consider in every platform to be more understandable.
Tabularasa Transnational Art creates a successful and comfortable working environment for artists and each artist gets professional support as they need on their budget, to concentrate completely on their work. The income obtained with "professional support" will be evaluated alternately in expenses such as the development of Tabularasa Transnational Art in international platforms, supporting and promotion of all platform artists.

This process covers all the needs from the determinationof the location of the project to the requirements after the event in all activities to be carried out by the artist or artists.
All technical needs of the events, including local, urban/international transportation, packaging, and installation, are met by professional teams.
Editorial support covers not only project-based but all textual production and arrangements that the artist needs. (catalog, curator article, press release, book, etc.)
We think digital mediums can be a gallery/
workshop for every artist. For this reason, we determine the project-based and/or annual promotion strategy of the artist on social media and enable them to communicate directly with their followers through digital platforms.
The professional production team prepares the materials for the artist's needs for promotional films, documentaries, archive production, digital animations, etc.
Creative team works on the concepts, making them ready for printing in a wide range from indoor and outdoor, to all the required designs. After designing, our team prepares all the printings for indoor/outdoor designs, invitations, catalogs, books, posters, etc., and does the application in the field.
This service enables the determination of the artist's periodic or project-based strategies in art life in all art disciplines, and the preparation of both personal and mixed projects with a broad vision, with a high-quality infrastructure with high artistic value.
Legal support/consultancy is provided on issues such as protection of legal rights of the artist, copyrights, and disputes on a global scale.
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