Tabularasa Transnational Art is an independent digital platform that aims to gather the artists and carry their art beyond its borders by connecting people who are involved in the art business with a sincere and transparent approach.

Tabularasa Transnational Art welcomes all disciplines of contemporary and classic arts through its global structure. The main purpose is to increase the awareness, visibility of the artist and widen their atmosphere of freedom so that the transfer of experience and data can be much better.

The idea behind the platform is to get cultures in an interaction and make the intercultural dialogues stronger by creating international art events in close relation with the digital world.
Tabularasa Transnational Art has an objective, collaborative, creative, nonprofit structure that fixes nearly every work needed in-house. One our keystones is our ‘international project based work system’. Thanks to this, we are sufficient for global network, accessibility and project locations.

The platforms doors are open to anyone who appreciates Tabularasa Transnational Art’s principles, values of its ​​organizational goals, wishes be a part of our community with the goal of contributing to the world and art.